Pooya Golchian

Axprint Redesign

February 06, 2017

Redesign Axprint; Bring Art and Photo to Code!

I’m redesign axprint.com. I’ve used very useful and modern technology for redesign axprint such as:

  • sass - bourbon framwork,
  • Grunt,
  • FlexBox to grid system and product style mixin.

This redesign is very clean and consider the following has:

  • Golden Ratio, boxes, and all style such as padding, margins, …,
  • ModularScale font and typography,
  • Use the appropriate picture page content,
  • Use modern design.

Pooya Golchian

Written by Pooya Golchian. I'm Software Engineer and Front-end developer with a passion to create simple, elegant, easy to use things to make this world a bit easier.
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